10 interesting facts about Pineapples

10 interesting facts about Pineapples

Pineapples are very nice to eat and they have a very pleasant smell too. If you do not want to munch, then you can go for a glass of fresh pineapple juice. You can add slices of pineapple in your salad to make it tastier. Let us discuss some interesting facts about this fruit.

Maturity of a pineapple plant


Do you know that a pineapple plant gets matured in about three years? Yes, it takes a long time to gain its maturity.

Pineapple plants have pretty flowers


Its flowers vary from bright red to lavender. It produces berries which join together around the fruit’s center. Hence, the pineapple is in fact a bunch of fruit merged together.

In the beginning it looks like a pinecone


It was the European travelers who first discovered this fruit in the American continent. They named it “pineapple” because the fruit resembled to pine cones.

Pineapple plants look like giant, buried pineapples


The pineapples grow beneath the earth with its top part noticeable.

It is very easy  to grow a pineapple plant


You can cut off the top of a pineapple and plant it in the earth.

Baby pineapples


Baby pineapples are the most adorable fruit you’ve ever seen. Small pineapples will grow beneath the earth with the help of the main plant.



Once you harvest the pineapples then they stop developing. If you buy a pineapple from the market, it means that it is already fully-grown. It is already ripen. The color may vary. A green pineapple is as sweet as a golden brown pineapple. Do not go on the color of the fruit. Do not store the green ones to get riper, it is already ripened. As a matter of fact, a completely grown pineapple is easily perishable if stored for a long duration. Buy a pineapple and eat it within two days if stored at room temperature. If you store it in your fridge then eat within a week.

Wanna know how to cut a pineapple?


After cutting the top and the base of the pineapple, make the pineapple stand and shear off the skin with a razor-sharp knife. The sweetest part of the fruit is its outermost flesh. That means slice off the skin of the fruit thinly and leave the brown spots as it is. The brown spots are lined in diagonal lines so you can cut them off in a “V” shape. Save as much as possible the outermost flesh, because the outmost flesh is the sweetest part of the fruit.



Away from drinks and fruit salads, this fruit is even used in making wines. Some of the best quality wines are made from this fruit. They are used for making jack-o-lanterns.

Pineapple juice


In Hawaii when it drizzles on a sunny day, the local people call it “pineapple juice”. The fruit is enriched with brome lain which is very beneficial for health. Brome lain is anti-inflammatory; it is a digestive enzyme and also a muscle relaxant. This chemical effect the growth of tumor cells and it is anti-cancerous.

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