3 Towns That Got Invaded By Animal Hordes

3 Towns That Got Invaded By Animal Hordes

Name animals and you get to notice them everywhere! The good part is, we can live in harmony with many of them around, without facing any untoward incidents. Yet there are a few places where animals have gone ahead and interrupted the whole community as well as caused a lot of harm and destruction. In such cases, it does take a lot of time together with effort so as to restore back the imbalance that has taken place.

California, Pennsylvania


In the town of California, Pennsylvania, there was a very small cottage town. In the year 2012, it was invaded by thousands of crows by air. As per the residents of the town, they were simply agonizing and the environment got horrendous. One of them stated that they were louder than an alarm clock, while the other individual compared their sound to raindrops. Not only do they cause nuisance, they can also spread various sort of illness as well as cause imbalance of the infrastructure. One of the chief reasons being, birds during winters get drawn towards urban lightings due to the heat it generates.

Finally to get rid of the crows the authorities had to take assistance of grape extract smoke which actually acts as pepper spray for them. Best part being it’s not harmful to the environment, other species or plants.

Luchegorsk, Russia


In Siberia, there is a town by the name of Luchegorsk and it got invaded by roving black bears in 2015. One of the residents also compared them to a military campaign. Cases of numerous assaults by the bears were reported and it quite became a war between the residents of the town and the bears. So many of the bears had to be killed as they were dangerous for human beings and about 4 to 5 human deaths was also reported before task force came in to take control of the scenario.
The reason why the bears attacked is due to the lack of pignoli (pine nuts) in the forest. This is one of the largest food sources of these bears and they were next to starvation. They got quite desperate to find food and this is why they came over to attack the residents of the town.

Docker River, Australia


The community of Docker River, Australia, in the Northern Territory was attacked with approximately 6,000 parched feral camels in the year 2009. They were basically brought to this place so that they could help in travelling especially in the arid locations, which was not feasible for other animals to survive for long.

Many of the camels were freed soon after the transportation system was upgraded. But sooner it was noticed that the population grew tremendously and it became hard to manage them. They started to ruin tanks, crushed fences and supplies were destroyed and infected/ this is why the Government of Australia had to finally take action. A culling program was finally called for, where the camels would be put down by helicopters. Even though there were several nations that raised their voice against this action, the Australian government had to carry on with this action. By the year 2012 about 100,000 of them got culled.

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