4 crazy festivals from across the globe

4 crazy festivals from across the globe

All across the globe, there is a flotilla of customs, rituals and tradition which people of different communities and countries follow. However, there are a few rituals which seem to be crazy and unwise, yet people still follow it since they have been following it since centuries.

Let us now go ahead and know about 4 crazy festivals which people from different sections of the world follow without waiting any longer:

Thailand’s ‘The Songkran Festival’



Every year, in the month of April people of Thailand come together and soak themselves into amusement and happiness. Yes, and we mean this! If you happen to visit Thailand in the month of April, there would be people out there in the street dousing each other. Yes you will notice all of them using water guns and pistols and many others even indulging in funny bucket tricks too. This is the way they love to celebrate their New Year celebrations and they simply love it to the core. This is one time, when all the people come out together, leave all their worries and sadness behind and drown together in an imaginary world of happiness by getting wild and wet.

Australia’s Tunarama Festival


Indeed, Tunarama is more than just a festival. For the people of Australia, this is a grand event where Australians compete with each other in the field of tuna tossing! As per the rules, every contender has to throw a tuna fish and its weight needs to be in between eight to ten kilograms. They would need to throw this fish as far as they can. In the qualifying rounds the contenders throw plastic fishes however in the final round, they finally throw an actual fish. In fact, there has even been a world record set where a man named Sean Carlin threw about 37 metres far!!

Mexico has The Night of the Radishes Festival


Don’t worry it’s not a horrifying night. This is a festival which is celebrated in Mexico and its dedicated to radish craving where they are cut into a wide array of forms and shapes. After the radishes get shaped into different forms people come out to create outstandingly amazing scenes. During the time of Christmas, this festival is celebrated and now it has been turned into a competitive sport. The best artist gets awarded for the finest scenography. This festival is celebrated with a lot of craze and fun in Mexico especially in the city of Oaxaca which has a beautiful landscape. Here radishes are even cultivated.

San Salvador’s Bolas De Fuego Festival


This festival has a historical touch to it. During the 20th century era, in San Salvador, the town of Nejapa was nearly destroyed by a destructive volcanic eruption. This is why every year to mark this event, the residents of this town make small rag balls and douse them in kerosene which is a sign of commemoration. This festival takes place for about a month. The residents of this town also make scrumptious and delectable delicacies along with Mexican coffee with different forms of musical programmes alongside.

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