5 forensic inconceivable matter of Zombies

5 forensic inconceivable matter of Zombies

A type of disease for which we call man in the name of Zombie can spread like an epidemic. How much times the disease takes to transfer a fit man into a Zombie? That is a very popular question often made by the eager readers. Forensic test says that a zombie can’t ever do his work properly. Here we will discuss about 5 forensic inconceivable matter of zombies.

Appearance of the zombies


In spite of bearing a confusing appearance these zombies also possess a type of unnatural power. That is why you need to put out the light at night and make yourself as quite as possible. Because a little sound can cause a huge attack. Sir Anton Coenen made an experiment on several types of rats by beheading them and examined that after beheading how long they can live. However, in this same experiment zombies failed as they do not possess as much brain power as they required.

Films based on zombies


If you watch films like ‘Wrong turn (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,)’, ‘Hills have eyes’ and so on, then you can see that zombie community very clearly.  These films have shown us the very walking posture of zombies. They walk with a shambling manner instead of quickly. But you can’t say that they are walking slowly as they saunter with a medium speed. After the death of a person the body becomes to rigor mortis. This happens for lacking of ATP. As a result of rigor mortis it is almost impossible to move the joints of the body.

A vital fact


Because of their uncanny appearance zombies lose the actual biological look that they had. After the death of one person the tissues of the body become decaying which happens in two several ways: i) Putrefaction ii) Self-digestion.
Putrefaction is a type of decaying in which bacteria runs to intestine and starts ruining the body. After that that body also starts a new process namely, self-digestion. It happens when cells have the lacking of oxygen. As a result of this the body accumulate all these harmful acids and the membrane of cells start deteriorating, at last the body accepts those harmful enzymes. For this reason skin looks fade and pale. A week later skin falls from the epidermis area.

The truth


It has been shown in many movies that zombies have the capability to break down a door which proves their undaunted physical strength. But this type of typical ‘heroism’ is simply not possible for them as their nervous system is completely decayed. It is a biological condition that there must be a connection in between brain and spinal cord. If damage takes place in any part, then one must transform into a patient of paralysis. As the both parts of central nervous system is damaged so these zombies are paralyzed.



Metabolism is an important function of a living entity which helps to maintain the living state of cells. It has been seen that even after death metabolism continues its function for 4-10 minutes. But with the zombies their muscles are not able to take the motion of metabolism without the constant generation of ATP.

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