7 horrible diseases you can hardly believe

7 horrible diseases you can hardly believe

Today I’ve heard about an unthinkable and quite horrifying disease which perhaps you never acquainted with. A woman is suffering for stone man syndrome. The muscles of her body gradually become harder and harder day by day. Is not it a quite uncanny disease? Here we will talk about 7 this type of horrible diseases which can surprise you.

Guinea Worm Disease


Guinea worms are basically parasites which live in dirty water. If a man drinks dirty water, then these worms go into the human body and attack straight to the stomach. Although they die in stomach but they give birth to larvae. These larvae make their nest on the wall of stomach and intestine. Even some of them go into the body tissue and reside there till their maturity. There is no vaccine or treatment available for this disease till now.

Vampire Syndrome


If you notice the statistical survey, then you can see that among one million people one have Xeroderma pigmentosum. For this reason they can’t come out in UV rays. If a man having this type of syndrome comes into direct sunlight, then he will have extreme sunburn and as a result of this their skin will break down.

Waterhouse- Friderichsen Syndrome


This syndrome occurs for Neisseria Meningitides which will attack badly in your body. No organ of your body will work like before. The flow of blood will be stopped through your limbs and create gangrenous. As a result of those dead limbs you will walk like a zombie.

Tree Man Syndrome


Tree Man, sounds quite impossible right? But it has seen that tree bark growing rapidly in someone’s skin. This is nothing but a skin disease which occurs on the epidermis layer by Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis. Actually, there grows a brown scaly cover over human skin which may take worst scenario if the victim comes in daylight.

Sweating Sickness


Extreme sweating is not considered as an actual disease but it is a result of one’s extreme anxiety. If one takes tension too much or shivers for cold, or sweats for too much hot temperature, or any kind of immense pain, then she must be sweating massively.  After spending 30 minutes to 3 hours of cold stage there come the sweating stage when the patient starts sweating a lot. Although too much sweating does not sound fatal, but it can even lead you to death.

Werewolf Syndrome


In past centuries victims of werewolf syndrome very often attract the attention of people by showing some kinds of show on roadside. However, this is a serious disease which happens for congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa.



Elephantiasis is a disease which causes because of lymphatic obstruction. For this reason the tissues of that area start swelling. In most of the cases the disease takes place in leg. Statics says over 40 million people are attacked by this disease all over the world and it is usually caused by a bite of mosquito.

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