7 Species That Are Extremely Smart But You Were Unaware Of It

7 Species That Are Extremely Smart But You Were Unaware Of It

There is a misconception that animals do not think or are un-smart, but on the contrary, there are some species in the animal kingdom that have enough mental capabilities.  Let’s prove it to you:

Elephants Recognize Voices


Elephants have sharp memories. They can recognize you even if you meet them after a long period. If you separate an elephant for a long duration from his or her partner and later reunite them, they can still recognize each other very easily and will greet each other warmly. They have the ability to keep track of their relations and links based on urine. They can identify human voices and can even understand two separate languages.

Ravens Understand Espionage


Ravens are known to understand spying and they can understand and communicate with each other thoughts. They make their decisions on the thoughts of each other. One raven can understand what the other raven is thinking.

Chimps know what they know


Chimps know what you do not know. They possess the scholarly tools for metacognition. This confidence utters many features of chimp lives. This is why you can see them swinging fearlessly across branches of trees in search of tracking for fresh ripened fruits. They act when they are certain of success.

Cats recognize and care for you


Cats can recognize their owner’s voice. If you call your cat with its name it will surely respond to you. If strangers call its name it will not respond. Cats can differentiate between voices and are aware of their owner’s voice and body language. Research has proved that only 10% of the cats can answer their owner’s call.

Dogs recognize and attempt to diffuse your anger


Dogs are very intelligent animals and it has been proved that that they are privy to their owner’s frame of mind. If his master is angry then it will try to diffuse his temper. They have the habit of checking out their master’s eyes to find out the frame of mood, whether you are angry or in pleasant mood. If you show your dog angry mood, then it will avert its gaze and will try not to make an eye contact with you. It will show you an impossible to resist look to gain your sympathy. It will try to woo you so that he gets a pat on his head.

Capuchins confront unjust treatment


Capuchins can tackle unfair treatment. If you give an unfair treatment to a monkey, it will retaliate. If you give a reward, it will appreciate your move. The monkeys are very intelligent animals and can communicate with you through their activities.

City birds are smarter


Birds dwelling in cities are much smarter than their countryside cousins. The challenges of city life make the city birds more capable. They can make new plans to develop their rich surroundings. Staying in the city makes these birds more resourceful and they can innovate new ways for their surviving, whereas their country cousins are not so smarter. The city birds have stronger immune system compared to their countryside cousins.

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