8 Amazing Facts from All Across The Globe

8 Amazing Facts from All Across The Globe

Facts do play quite a crucial role when you make a decision. They do play a vital role in our lives. However, in this world we also come across exceptions which have its own meaning. There are a few outstanding and amazing facts which we will discuss about in the below mentioned paragraphs. They are highly interesting indeed. Without waiting anymore, let’s proceed to know about it all:

One day in Mercury is similar to a Monday


A day in Mercury would last for about 1408 hours, yes you got it right. It is true that after having a wonderful and thrill filled Sunday, we would not want to go visit office on a Monday. Mondays are tiresome and terrible for most of us, especially for those who would be visiting office, schools and their respective workplace.

Wish to make a cup of coffee? Start Yelling


If you yelled continuously for about 8 years, 7 months plus 6 days, you would end up generating enough of energy to prepare a cup of coffee for yourself! Startling, isn’t it?

Tongue comes out being the strongest muscle of our body


As per Wikipedia the strongest muscle of our body is our tongue and it’s even proportional to its size. There were many people who thought the heart to be the strongest muscle, yet that is untrue. When you draw its comparison to its muscle density and size, tongue comes out scoring more.

Make sure that your toothbrush is kept far-far away from the toilet


Make sure that your toothbrush is kept at the least, 6 feet away from the toilet. Toothbrush does end up drawing in the bad germs and this is why you need to take care of your health by keeping it quite far away from your toilet, at the least, 6 feet away.

No one can lick their elbow


This is in fact a medical fact and no one would be able to lick their elbow. You’re trying to lick yours now, gotcha! But we know, you’ve failed to do so, anyone would actually!

Walt Disney was quite much afraid of mice


Yes, Walt Disney was quite petrified of mice and he transformed his fear into a world famous character. How ironic, actually!

In 1987, American airlines ended up saving a lot of dllars. But, how?


In 1987, the Amertican Airlines ended up saving about thousands of dollars. The airlines eleminated one olive from each of the salad which was served in the first class. This indeed came out being quite handy for them.

Apples are anytime better an option than Coffee


Apples make you feel rejuvinated and highly energetic. They have been onserved as being more effective than caffeine. This is why the next time you head to get a cup of coffee in the morning, go grab an apple. Feel fresh and give your health the much needed boost!

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