The US Nuclear Arsenal and 3 solemn facts about it

The US Nuclear Arsenal and 3 solemn facts about it

There are so many of us who think that the ominous threat of the nuclear war is humongous and that it’s related to the thing of the past; that it’s a Cold war product! No wonder, President Barack Obama the US President called for a nuclear disarmament and it was the chief component of his 2008 election campaign. There is no denial of the fact that the US nuclear arsenal too has shriveled spectacularly since the 1980s.

Yet if you were unaware of the fact, the weapons of the past which is still there, does possess the ability to destroy our plant several times. Let us now move ahead and know about facts which are lesser known to us about the US arsenal.

It Is Known To Be The Second-Largest Arsenal


The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which came in effect in 1970, stated that all the countries which did possess nuclear weapon are entitled to move towards disarmament. The countries that do not have these weapons must not move ahead to acquire them. In this treaty there are “nuclear weapon states’’ been named, namely: China, The United Stated, Russia, United Kingdom and France. There are several people and countries which assume that the US has the biggest arsenal however it does not. This uncertain honor however moves towards Russia.

It has Flotilla Of Weapons


There are various deployed warheads which could have been delivered by Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. There are about 400 of them which are all set and set in 11 different launch silos that are spread all across the US. Missiles like these can anytime target any country in the globe. There are about 100 nuclear-competent bombers which have been maintained by the US, a lot of them are of furtive variety and almost each one of them would end up with a devastating effect. The Ohio-class submarine in fact is the most horrifying of them all.

It has been especially created and designed for long term underwater deployments. It contains about 24 missile chutes and each one of them has the capability to launch a Trident missile. It I s so horrendous and dangerous in nature that it stands with the ability to kill about millions at a go! About 14 of such precarious missiles are available by the US.

They Are Not A Part Of The Defense Budget

Image: Officers and soldier on parade during the remembrance ceremony in Latvia. The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps along with enabling units from around NATO held Remembrance Sunday memorial events in their camps in Latvia and Lithuania while deployed on Exercise Arrcade Fusion 2015. Two buglers from the Kings Division Band performed the last post in exercise locations in both Lithuania and Latvia. ARRC personnel participating in Latvia wore the Poppy and Latvia ribbon in remembrance of the fallen. (NATO Photo / WO2 Dan Harmer GBR Army / Released)

The Department of Defense does not take care of all the military spending and expenses and this does even make sense in certain sections. Black ops, which in a common man terms known as secret operations, is not a part of the military budget. The whole of the nuclear program falls under the Department of Energy (DOE) section.

Even though their functions would more or less be similar, nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants both come under the purview of the DOE. This is quite an implausible take because knowing for a fact that the US military budget, that is known to top the chart of all the countries of the world, does no way need to report about the additional billions that is being spent every year on the overall maintenance of nuclear arsenal.

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